Virtue of Al-Qur’an and History of Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims to perform self-reflection and expand Al-Qur’an knowledge since Ramadan is a month when Al-Qur’an was firstly revealed. Thus, a lecturer of Department of Arabic Language Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Nanang Joko Purwanto, S.S., M.Pd.I. entice people who prayed tarawih at Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan of UMY to emulate one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah.

“One day, Rasulullah advised his companions. He stated, ‘Take Al-Qur’an from four people, namely Abdullah bin Masud, Salim Maula Abu Hudifaifah, Ubai bin Ka’ab and Mu’adz bin Jaba.’,” told Nanang at a tarawih preaching on Tuesday (14/5).

Nanang mentioned that Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah was a former slave freed by freed by Abu Hudzaifah bin ‘Utbah who was a prominent person from the Quraysh. Afterwards, Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah became a noble person due to his Al-Qur’an comprehension. He was well known as a person who was never pleonastic and always tell truth bravely.

“Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah is a braver. When he found a mistake, he tried to fix it. He did that because he learned and implemented Al-Qur’an values in his life,” added Nanang.

Salim was always present in wars with Prophet Muhammad. In a war against Musailamah Al Kazzab, he was willing to become a fortress for Muslims and ultimately he passed away during the war with Abu Hudzaifah bin ‘Utbah.

Nanang maintained that the history of Salim Maula Abu Hudzaifah tells us that Islam does not see someone’s social status. The ones who possess high Al-Qur’an knowledge will be more noble. Then, Nanang reminded the people to utilize Ramadan well. “When learning Al-Qur’an, we will dare to disseminate truth and fight for goodness. Besides, we have to leverage Ramadan to explore our knowledge and get close to Allah,” he encouraged.

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