Various Parties Warmly Welcome Hundreds of KRI Participants

The series of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) activities have already begun. Hundreds of parrticipants from Indonesian universities has came to a venue located at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) since Tuesday (10/7). The arrival of the participants receives a positive response from a lot of parties.

On behalf of Local Government of Bantul, Assistant 3 of Regional Resource Secretary of Bantul Regency Drs. H. Totok Sudarto, M.Pd. welcomed the arrival of all KRI 2018 participants in Yogyakarta, especially in Bantul. At welcoming dinner conducted in the front yard of Sportorium of UMY on Tuesday (10/7), Totok warmly welcomed all the contestants coming from various areas of Indonesia. In his speech, Totok appealed all the participants to play sportively and passionately.

“We would like welcome all the participants of the KRI 2018 to Yogyakarta, especially to Bantul. Hopefully, you can show your best in this contest,” stated Totok.

Bantul Government committed to support this huge robot contest and to provide our assistance if this KRI host needs it. Besides, the Bantul government also participates in EXPO KRI 2018. There were four stands to exhibit Bantul handicraft products.

“We entirely support this great event. If the committee entails something, we are ready to help. Do not forget to stop by our booths at the EXPO KRI 2018,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Student, Alumni and Muhammadiyah Movement Affairs Hilman Latief, S.Ag., M.A., Ph.D. advised all participants to leverage the KRI 2018 as a mean of sharing idea for the sake of scientific development of Indonesian robotics. In addition, UMY as the host tried our best to serve all the participants.

“We hope this moment can be a revolution for Indonesia robotics. May we be able to take advantages from this contest and UMY will also do out best so that this event can run as expected,” wished Hilman.

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