URT-ROSO, the Underdog, Wins the Wheeled KRSBI

A final of Indonesia Wheeled Soccer Robot Contest (Wheeled KRSBI) of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2018 was conducted on Friday (13/7) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). A thrilling match bore a new winner URT-ROSO from Islam Sultan Agung Semarang defeating IRIS from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY).

A jury of the Wheeled KRSBI Dr. Ir. Endra Pituarno stated that both teams were tough, but there must be a winner in a contest. The URT-ROSO won over IRIS with the score of 3-1 in two six-minute rounds. Both teams also use fully automatic robots.

URT-ROSO made two goals in the first round and one goal in the second round, while IRIS often attempted to make a goal but a keeper robot of URT-ROSO blocked it. URT-ROSO also made a goal to their own goalpost in the second round but it did not affect the team to win the game.

“URT-ROSO was considered an underdog, but I believed since the first match that the team had a consistency and potential to win this Wheeled KRSBI. Their main asset was a mental to be a champion and their robots can do a shocking attack to take a ball, spin, and kick a ball,” maintained Endra.

Meanwhile, the URT-ROSO team was surprised that their team could defeat IRIS.

“When knowing that we would beat IRIS, we thought that we would get lost because we saw IRIS’ sophisticated robots. They used a camera of 360° while we employed a wide-angle camera. Because of Allah’s help, we could win the game,” said Junido Ardalli, a chief of URT-ROSO team.

“For the strategies, we optimized strengths of our robots which can kick a ball immediately without caring about other robots. The robots were also set to face the goalpost when getting a ball and kicked it,” explained Junido.

Additionally, URT-ROSO comprised of four main members and three mechanics. The team had also got lost in a regional contest due to connection error. With their persistence and solidarity, the team showed their capability to win the Wheeled KRSBI 2018. “We will improve quality of our robots and we hope that we can compete in the next contest and be better,” he maintained.


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