UMY Will Invite Experts to Repair Facilities of UMY after a Rainstorm


A rainstorm occurred in Yogyakarta, particularly Bantul, on Saturday (28/11). Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is located in the area where the rainstorm happened. Several trees fell down and a number of facilities of the university were broken. To anticipate the rainstorm which may come unexpectedly, UMY will invite experts to provide recommendations of development strategies for reconstructing the broken facilities.

The aforementioned paragraph was declared by Vice Chancellor II of UMY Dr. Suryo Pratolo, M.Si., Akt., C.A., APP on Monday (30/11) in a cleaning activity of UMY’s staff after the rainstorm. Suryo stated that the breakage of the buildings and facilities was not quite serious, and it did not bring enormous financial loss to UMY. Nevertheless, the prevention of the rainstorm is necessary. “UMY will consult with experts, especially planting and construction experts, to give suggestion for the facility and inventory reconstruction,” he informed.

After the rainstorm, UMY listed the broken facilities and building so that the less serious damages can be repaired soon. “We will renovate the less serious breakages, and we will repair the serious damages step by step,” he inserted.

To accelerate the reparation of the broken facilities, all staffs of UMY engaged in cleaning university environment on ‘Krida Day’ of UMY. The agenda comprised cleaning plants, parking areas, and fallen down trees. “The activity aims at involving all staffs to speed up the reparation of the broken facilities,” he conveyed.

Additionally, Suryo advised all academicians of UMY to be cautious and save themselves during riding their vehicle and running their activities since the rainstorm has recently ensued in Yogyakarta. “Alhamdulillah, after the rainstorm, none of reports is dealing with students or other academicians becoming the victims. For all academicians, pleas be careful in riding your vehicle and carrying out your activities because the rainstorm may attack unpredictably,” he suggested.

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