UMY Targets All their Journals to be Accredited

In order to increase the number of scientific publications in Indonesia, universities require bachelor, master, and doctoral graduates in Indonesia to publish their scientific papers in scientific journals. In addition to graduate candidates, lecturers in higher education are also required to publish scientific research papers through books, proceedings, and scientific journals both at the national and international levels.

Referring to Permenristekdikti Number 9 of 2018 concerning Accreditation of Scientific Journals. In the academic period 2020/2021, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) will also focus on increasing resources and research to improve the quality of UMY scientific journals. Dr. Ir. Sukamta, S.T., M.T, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs stated that the achievements regarding UMY journal accreditation have increased, but there is still other things to beddone.

“UMY has improved by leaps and bounds. we added 11 journals in one year, so we now have 41 journals and 21 of them are accredited. That means there are 20 more journals that have not been accredited. This is our biggest task, making 20 other journals to be accredited, so that the quality of journals at UMY will be better, “said Sukamta, when delivering his remarks at the Berdikari Journal Governance workshop held by the Institute for Research, Publication, Publishing and Community Service (LP3M) ) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (29/8) at Café 1912 UMY.

The first step taken by UMY to improve the quality of its journals was to build a research center and group lecturers to conduct research according to their expertise. “Lecturers who have the most citations and highest SINTA or have successfully accredited journals will get an award. We do this to appreciate the performance of the lecturer, “added Sukamta.

This workshop activity was attended by several universities that are members of the UMY Berdikari Journal management, including representatives from UGM and UAD who are members of the editor team, and several universities as Bestari Partners (Reviewer) including UM Surakarta, UM Malang, UPN, UNHAS, UGM, and MPM PP Muh. some of them attended in person and universities outside Yogyakarta attended the workshop online. (dea)

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