UMY Students Perform Mubaligh Hijrah in Maluku

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) always seeks to enhance quality of society. Through Mubaligh Hijrah (community service), UMY shows its commitment to contribute to 3T (the frontier, outermost, and remote) areas. The mubaligh hijrah will be carried out by ten students of Faculty of Islamic Studies of UMY in Ramadhan, but they were departed from UMY on Thursday (10/05).

The students are Fatih Al Faruq, Saifurrahman, Mu’min Syaifuddin, Daris Kurnia Habibullah, M Ahnaf Lubab, Halili, Kahar, Muh. Taufik, Mufthi Alam, and Mikail Mega Maulana. They will perform the community service in Kepulauan Makluku, namely Pulau Haruku, Pulau Saparua, and Pulau Seram.

A community service supervisor Dr. Mahli Zainuddin Tago, M.Si. stated that it was the first mubaligh hijrah in 3T areas. “This is our contribution to implement the three principles of higher education (tri dharma perguruan tinggi), namely community service. Indeed, the mubaligh hijrah is conducted in Ramashan which requires students to mingle with society and to raise Islamic values in Kepulauan Maluku,” told Mahli in an interview on Wednesday (9/5) at Graduate School of UMY.

He added that the mubaligh hijrah prioritizes religious programs such as memorizing Al-Qur’an, Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur’an (TPA), and Islamic preaching. “In Kepulauan Maluku, there was Apung clinic providing health care established since 2015. Thus, the students are also expected to assist and serve society in a health field such as medical checkup, fisherman empowerment, school aids, and mosque development,” mentioned Mahli.

Moreover, Mahli said that the community service programs will be adjusted based on people’s need. “The community service is also supported by baznas, lazismu, a community empowerment board, and students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who will join the mubaligh hijrah. Therefore, we hope that the mubaligh hijrah adds UMY students’ rewards and the society gets more understanding of Islamic values,” he ended.

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