UMY Sends 40 Employees to Go to Umroh


To foster the faith and to appreciate performance of staffs, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) sends 40 employees to go to umroh. It has been an annual program of UMY since 2012.

In an interview on Wednesday (20/1), head of Human Resource Affairs of UMY Rini Juni Astuti, S.E., M.Si. mentioned that the staffs should comply with three requirement to achieve the umroh reward. First, they have not gone to Mecca to umroh or haj yet. Second, they are the permanent lecturers or staffs who have excellent commitment and loyalty to UMY. Last, they have good achievements. “For the last requirement, lecturers and staffs who obtain achievements will be announced in every celebration night of UMY’s anniversary. The category is based on lecturers’ national and international achievements in their field and staffs’ creativity, loyalty, and leadership,” she stated.

The umroh reward aims at escalating staffs’ spiritual, appreciating them working at UMY for more than 20 years. “It is expected that, after having umroh, they can understand as well as internalize Islam more and more, and can have better personality,” she wished.

Additionally, in 2016, the 40 employees encompass 28 staffs and 12 lecturers. “They departed on 19 January 2106, and will back to Indonesia on 30 January 2016,” she informed.

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