UMY Robotech 2011: Inter-Senior High Schools Line Follower Robotic Competition

Took place in UMY integrated campus, 52 teams from 17 senior high schools and vocational schools from Yogyakarta and Central Java competed enthusiastically in the line follower robotic competition hosted by the UMY Electrical Engineering Student’s Organization (KMTE) on Saturday-Sunday (May 7th-8th).
The competition titled UMY Robot
ech 2011 chose the line tracker robotic technology to be contested since the technology applied was simple and doable for the senior high schools students, said Fajar Eka Septyadi, Head of Steering Committee.

He hoped that this competition would encourage students to learn more about robotic technology. He also wished that in the following years this event would be much greater and more participants joining the contest.

The first winner for the robotic race was Padmanabot II team from SMAN 3 Yogyakarta. SMANSAGA ROBO ONE from SMAN 1 Ngaglik, Gathot Kaca from SMKN 3 Yogyakarta and Nine Tracker from SMAN 9 Yogyakarta were in second, third and fourth position.

The best applied technology was won by Padmanabot I team (SMA 3 Yogyakarta) and the runner-up was Eleven R I team fro SMAN 11 Yogyakarta.

Hediys team representing SMKN 3 Yogyakarta was chosen as the winner for the best design and Padmanabot Valinor from SMAN 3 Yogyakarta came up in the second best.

Line follower robots, also called Line Trackeror Line Tracer Robot, are the simple wheeled robots that follow track which is in from of line. The line is mostly black coloured in white surface or contrary. These robots are usually raced in compititions where the basic rule is that the robots are raced one at a time and the robot with the shortest time wins.

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