UMY reinforces Internationalization through QS APPLE


UMY reinforces Internationalization through QS APPLE

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), which has been established for 35 years, was granted an certificate from QS Star through QS APPLE. The achievement was received by Dr. Mukti Fajar ND, Head of Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) of UMY on Tuesday (22/11) in Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Malaysia.

The award was one of the event series of the 12th QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education (QS APPLE) organized on 22-24 November 2016. The QS APPLE is an annual international conference and exhibition joined by thousands of Asia-Pacific higher education institutions.

The award showed UMY as a ‘Muda Mendunia’ (Young and Global) university. This university attempts to support its internationalization through the conference. “Joining the QS event confirmed that UMY is going to be a world-class university. It will also enhance public trust since UMY previously achieved ‘A’ accreditation by a national accreditation agency, AIPT,” Mukti stated in an interview on Thursday (24/11).

Mukti inserted that UMY is ready to compete with other world-class universities in the term of quality. “This tells us that UMY no longer compete with Indonesian state and private universities, but with Asia-Pacific universities,” he conveyed.

Being a world-class university aims at enhancing competitiveness among world-class universities and creating competitive alumni. “Therefore, a lot of UMY’s programs are oriented to foster its international rank,” he mentioned.

In the QS APPLE, UMY was represented by Dr. Mukti Fajar, Dr. Evi Rahmawati, and Idham Badruzzaman. In this forum, Idham Badruzzaman as Head of International Student Affairs of Cooperation Office of UMY presented an international community service program which cooperates with overseas universities. This program is contribution of UMY to world society. The program is also an alternative of international student mobility programs,” Mukti declared.


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