UMY Officially Announces a Shopping Complex and a Book Store


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) attempts to foster UMY’s multi-charity efforts (UMAT). On Tuesday (23/02), Rector of UMY, Prof. Bambang Cipto, M.A. officially announced a new shopping complex located in front of ‘Unires Putri’.

The announcement was also along with the opening of the semi-annual meeting period 2015-2016. Prof. Bambang expected that the shopping complex may support facilities at UMY. “The establishment of the shopping complex is one of the ways to obtain academic achievement. UMY is also constructing other facilities that may be able to be done soon. I invite you to utilize the existing facilities to enhance and support the academic achievement,” he conveyed.

Dr. Suryo Pratolo, Vice Chancellor II as well as the committee of the shopping complex establishment, told that the construction spent less than six months, and it comprises eight stores. “The groundbreaking was conducted on 17 June 2015. After Ramadhan, the construction was optimized in August,” he said. During the establishment, the team was monitored by Asset Resource Affairs led by Ir. Bagus Subandono.

The shopping complex was built as the way to curb cadgers around UMY. Dr. Suryo stated that the street around UMY, particularly the south of UMY, has recently been crowded. There were a lot of cadgers. “This shopping complex is to anticipate the great uncontrolled cadgers,” Suryo uttered.

Dr. Suryo conveyed that the shopping complex might be valuable for academic and non-academic activities. One of the shopping complex will function as Consultation and Legal Aid Center (PKBH) managed by Law Faculty of UMY, and another will be employed as a book store. “The PKBH will be one of the strengths of Law Faculty of UMY. Each faculty of UMY has its own superiority like Medical Faculty possesses Asri Medical Center (AMC), and Economics Faculty gas BMT of UMY,” Dr. Suryo mentioned.

Dr. Suryo informed that the management of the shopping complex will be handled by UMAT of UMY led by Alni Rahmawati, S.E., M.M. “Several people have confirm to Mrs. Alni to rent the shopping complex. However, she has not decided since the regulations have not been clear yet, and the people should comply with the criteria,” he ended.

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