UMY Is the First Private University to Host IMEPI Congress


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is the first private university getting honor to host the 9th Congress of Indonesian Economic Development Student Association (IMEPI). The 9th IMEPI Congress was also a part of the 5th HERO event by the Economic Science Student Association (HIMIE) of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UMY on December 5-8 2016.

According to Jazuli Arif, the chairman of the event, the IMEPI is an economic Indonesian student association of Indonesian founded 16 years ago. One of the founders was the student of UMY. “The IMEPI firstly held at UMY successfully attracts the enthusiasm of many delegates of other Indonesian universities. Being located in a strategic area and supported by UMY’s contribution become the boost factor of the participant’s enthusiasm,” he told on a release received by the Office of Public Relations of UMY on Monday (5/12).

Arif mentioned that the IMEPI was attended by 40 delegates of Indonesian universities or approximately 150 participants from 8 IMEPI regions. “Their enthusiasm was already in sight at the Welcoming Dinner on December 4 2016 at Building of Graduate School. It was sponsored by the International Program for Islamic Economics and Finance (IPIEF) of Economics and Business Faculty (FEB) of UMY. The delegates from Pattimura Ambon, Ternate, Medan, Aceh, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi also looked very excited although they had to pass through a tiring trip,” he says.

Arif also stated that, since the IMEPI was founded, it has been its first time to organize an international seminar at the congress that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday (7-8/12). The seminar will present Mr. Atilla Ghaspar, a visiting lecturer at IPIEF UMY from Central European University, Hungary. “Furthermore, the seminar will also present a speaker from the Financial Service Authority (OJK) Jakarta, Bank of Indonesia Yogyakarta, the lecturers of FEB of UMY, and IMEPI alumni. In the Call for Papers, HERO committee received 40 papers across Indonesia and only selected 15 papers to be presented in the semifinal round,” he explained.

He also conveyed that the IMEPI existence owes to the contribution of Economics of UMY. UMY’s contribution to the development of IMEPI should be appreciated. “At least, there are 4 important dedications of UMY to IMEPI. First, Kanda Kiki Muzakki, an Economics student became a general secretary (IMEPI top board of executive) in 2001-2002. Second, one of UMY’s Economics lecturers, Dimas B. Wiranatakusuma, was the 4th IMEPI general secretary in 2007-2009 period. Third, the declaration of IMEPI alumni association establishment in the end of the 9th congress will be held in UMY. Fourth, UMY is the first private university to host IMEPI biennial congress and it is the biggest agenda. Therefore, UMY’s academicians have huge contribution to the 16-year existence of IMEPI or during 8 times of leadership succession since 2001,” he maintained.

Indeed, the IMEPI congress also gets a big support from UMY’s boards. Dean of FEB UMY, the 2nd Deputy Dean of FEB, Economics Head of UMY, and the Director of IPIEF attended the welcoming dinner along with the IMEPI General Secretary. On his remark, the Dean of FEB of UMY, Dr. Nano Prawoto, M.Si said that he had a positive impression over the IMEPI existence in the midst of Economics Department. It contributes to solidity among Economics departments in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the Director of IPIEF, Masyhudi Muqorrobin, M.Sc., Ph.D., Akt on his remark hoped that IMEPI Congress can be a forum to strengthen good relationship among the students, and can generate a recommendation to the government over the current national economic condition. IMEPI General Secretary on his remark also emphasized the roles of IMEPI in Indonesian development and the roles of students in overseeing the national development process.

The 9th IMEPI Congress will be closed on December 8 2016 by the declaration of IMEPI Alumni Association establishment by the IMEPI alumni.

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