UMY Idol Enlivens UMY’s 37th Anniversary

To enliven the 37th anniversary, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a singing contest, called UMY Idol, for staffs and students on Saturday (24/3) at A.R. Fachruddin B. The singing contestants varied and were unique.

One of the committee Galuh Sudarsono informed that the similar contest is annually organized, but it is a karaoke contest, but this year it is a singing contest. “We name it UMY Idol in order that a lot people are interested in this competition,” he said. He also informed that the winners would achieve prizes as well as a certificate, and would perform in family gathering.

Meanwhile, one of the contestants Amir stated that he felt jubilant to participate in this competition. “I am delighted with this contest since it can be used to find talents of staffs and students,” he expressed. He added that the contest can be a lesson for the contestants so that they can become more confident. He also expected that the contest could be a medium to explore staffs’ and students’ potential.

In addition, the judges Iqbal Maulana Nafi’ and Feti Kurnianingrum mentioned several scoring criteria. “They are voice, intonation, and song animation,” said Iqbal. He also told that peach control is essential when singing, fathoming a song, and telling what the song is about. The participants could learn something in the contest and it is a stepping stone to explore their capability.

As a private music teacher, Feti suggested participants to always improve their capability such as their bravery to perform in front of audience, the song choice, and stage control. “We believe that UMY’s staffs and students have a lot of talents, particularly capability to sing,” she expressed.

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