UMY Gave another Round of Awards To Alumni in Alumni Awards 2020

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta once again gave another round of awards to its alumni, through Alumni Awards 2020 which was held on Friday (14/8) night in the courtyard of the AR Fachruddin Building, UMY Central Campus. This is a form of high appreciation from the campus for its alumni who have taken part and influenced the social life of the community. There are two categories in this event, namely the Alumni Achievement Award and the Outstanding Alumni Award.

the Vice-Rector for Student, Alumni, and Islamic Affairs Prof. Hilman Latief Ph.D stated that the Alumni Awards is a step of recognition and appreciation for the alumni who have contributed to society. “Initially, we held discussions with university leaders and the student representatives, defining achievement in a broader context. Achievement is not synonymous with a high position or an individual’s wealth. But we are looking more at the engagement and commitment to changes driven by the personal initiatives of the alumni. Therefore, we held the Alumni Award, and this marks the third time this event has been held,” he said.

Based on two categories, namely the Alumni Achievement Award (AAA) and Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA), 7 alumni received the AAA awardfrom the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Engineering. Meanwhile, one alumnus received the OAA award. “Of course, there are many fields that have received the 2020 Alumni Award. There are social, religious, entrepreneurial, and health fields.Hopefully, this award can motivate alumni to continue to take part and make achievements in the future, and not be a sign that ends the activity that has led to this achievement. More importantly, this achievement can be emulated by active UMY students, “Hilman continued.

The trophy for the Outstanding Achievement Award category was given to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khairil S.Ag., M.Si, who is an alumnus of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, majoring in Islamic Broadcasting Communication of UMY, class of 2001. This award was given for his achievement in becoming the first UMY alumni to have the title of professor.

“Alhamdulilah, I am grateful and happy for this opportunity. I personally represent the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, especially UMY Islamic Broadcasting Communication, to thank you very much for the award given to me. Of course, this award is a mandate as well as an honor to be a motivation and inspiration to continue to do our best in providing the best work results for the nation and state. As one of the alumni of UMY wants to leave a message to our beloved alma mater, I would like to urge them to continue to provide the best service in the Tri Dharma of higher education, educate the nation’s children to become the next generation, national leaders,” said the alumnus who currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Tadulako Palu, Central Sulawesi, via video.

The complete names of the 2020 Alumni Awards winners are as follows; Budhi Hermanto (FAI), M. Hermayani Putera, S.IP (FISIPOL), Juniardi Akhir Putra, S.T., S.ST., M.Kom (FT), Muhammad Akhid Subiyanto, S.H. (FH), Dede Haris Sumarno, S.E., M.M. (FEB), Ahmad, S.P. (FP), Mayu Fentami, S.Kep., Ns. (FKIK), as well as Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khairil, S.Ag., M.Si. (FAI). (Hbb)

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