UMY Constructs a Green Building as a New Student Admission Office

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta is constructing a three-floor new building for student admissions since the office is no longer decent to accommodate the huge number of applicants.

Head of Bureau of Assets Bagus Soebandono, S.T., M.Eng. stated that the building establishment aim to applicants registering at UMY or to looking for information about UMY. “The office was located at A.R. Fachruddin A and only possessed a computer laboratory and a test room. The great number of applicants during registration time bother accessibility to Rectorate room or other bureaus. Thus, the registration process later will be centered in the new admission building,” told Bagus in an interview on Wednesday (3/10).

Indeed, the new building will become the first green building at UMY in line with one of the missions of UMY to be a green campus. “A green building is an environmentally friendly building which can conserve energy so that the yearly use of the energy will be lower and more efficient than the previous office. The new admission building will also implement four aspects to save the energy, namely air conditioning centered with Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), lighting using LED lights, recycling of wastewater, and using low emission glasses,” inserted Bagus.

Meanwhile, an Electrical Engineering lecturer of UMY Ir. Agus Jamal, M.Eng. explained four concepts applied in the building construction. “All of air conditioners in the building will use VRC technology which can set fluid based on the room condition. Indeed, the co-efficiency of performance of the air conditioner can reach 4 that energy for cooling is less than it is supposed to be. Next, we use LED lights and motion-sensed wash basins. The environmentally friendly building will converse energy of 40 watt per m2,” he informed.

The green building will also implement wastewater recycling. “The wastewater will go to a Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL), the output will be filtered, and it will be used as flushing toilet. Therefore, it is expected that the water consumption at the new building can be minimalized,” said Agus.

Seeing the architecture, the building is designed to save energy and reduce wastewater. “Besides, the glasses have low emissions which do not emit ultraviolet so that the room temperature will not get hot in the afternoon and the energy use for air conditioner can be alleviated. In fact, the building construction is utilized environmentally friendly materials. For instance, it uses reusable metal concrete molds instead of wood which is usually only disposable and will be trash after the construction,” he maintained.

Besides, Agus asserted that other buildings of UMY has implemented environmentally friendly concepts. As a green campus, UMY has been attempting to conserve the use of energy such as the use of LED at each room, changing conventional air conditioners into inverter air conditioners. However, this university needs to observe and assigned operational standards of buildings to enhance the quality. If the use of energy is not controlled even though the building is environmentally friendly, the energy use will remain huge.

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