UMY Conducts Family to Reinforce the Relationship among the Academicians


One of the schedules of UMY’s 35 anniversary commemoration was Family Day conducted on Sunday (20/3). It was an annual event that lecturers and staffs with their family may join. The Family Day comprised biking, gymnastics, and several competitions like fishing, drawing for children, karaoke, and others.

The Family Day began at 6 a.m. with cycling surrounding UMY. On the way, each participant got a lottery ticket announced drawn in the end of the Family Day. All participants reached the finish line at 7 a.m. and continued joining other competitions.

The fishing competition was held in a fish pond in front of Graduate School. The participants should fish three ribbon-bound fish to win the competition. The first fish was successfully fished after an hour.

The drawing competition was for tens of kindergarten and primary school students who are the children of lecturers and staffs of UMY. The person in charge of the competitions, Desi Susilowati informed that the drawing competition was divided into three categories. “First, category A is for kindergarten. Second, Category B is for primary school students of grade 1-3. Third, the other category is for primary school students of grade 4-6,” she mentioned.

The karaoke was conducted on the main stage of Graduate School of UMY and was joined by lecturers and staffs of UMY. The participants of the Family Day rode a mini train around UMY.

Desi expected that the Family Day could reinforce togetherness, and the competitions for children could foster their imagination. “The drawing competition may be able to enhance children’s creativity and imagination,” Desi wished.

Additionally, the peak of the Family Day was at 10.30 a.m. and there was an announcement of the winners of the competitions organized from February to March 2016. The competitions were futsal, badminton, volleyball, tennis, photo, and creative video. The winners achieved a trophy and prize.

The winners of the lottery ticket were also announced and the door prizes were three bikes, a refrigerator, others. One of the academicians, Eko Yulianto from Park Unit gained two door prizes. On the Family Day, UMY gave groceries for free for community near UMY, and cash aid as well as bags to primary and high school students around UMY.

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