UMY Achieves the Greatest Number of Funded Proposals of PKM 2016


72 proposals of Student Creativity Program (PKM) written by students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) are funded by Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI). In 2015 DIKTI funded 7,646 proposals while in 2016 there are 4,724 funded proposals of public and private higher education across Indonesia. Nevertheless, UMY is a private university achieving the greatest number of funded proposals.

In an interview on Tuesday (23/2) Head of Creativity Development Center of UMY, Sugito, S.IP. conveyed that the achievement was due to several aspects such as the proposal quality and intensive supervising. “The supervising was quite effective in enhancing the proposal quality. The supervisor had duties to review the proposal and to supervise the program implementation,” he informed.

The funded proposals comprise eight proposals of PKM-K (Entrepreneurship), 14 proposals of PKM-KC (Copyright Work), 13 proposals of PKM-M (Community Service), 19 proposals of PKM-PE (Exact Research), 17 proposals of PKM-SH (Social Sciences and Humanities Research, and one proposal of PKM-T (Technology). Sugito stated that university and faculty parties will organize Monitoring Evaluation (Monev) before the Monev by DIKTI for the selection of National Scientific Week (PKM). “The university and faculty will conduct internal Monev twice before the external Monev by DIKTI to select 72 proposals to go to PIMNAS,” he said.

If the proposals pass to PIMNAS, students are expected to implement their program wholeheartedly.  “I also wish that the students could also write a good report since the indicators to pass to PIMNAS are the proposal quality, the program implementation, and their presentation in the external Monev,” Sugito inserted.

To foster the quality of the program implementation and the report, the supervisor will monitor and supervise the students till the external Monev. “I hope that the proposal as well as the program implementation is good, and can bring them to PIMNAS of this year,” Sugito ended.


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