Together with its Alumni, PBI UMY Study Program Gives Assistance to Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread very quickly in Indonesia. This caused many students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to be discouraged to return home and remain in their respective boarding houses. However, it also causes new problems, because students are having difficulties finding food. To this end UMY elected to provide logistical assistance for its students. This time it was the turn of the UMY English Language Study Program (PBI UMY) to provide food packages and cash to students on Friday-Saturday (17-18 /4) at the K.H Ibrahim Building, UMY Central Campus.

Head of PBI Study Program Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Ph.D realized that there were still many students who were still in their boarding houses. She also realized that many shops and food stalls were closed, so the fulfillment of daily food needs became difficult for students.
In addition to the funds spent by the department, the lecturers and alumni also participated in donating money to help run the program.

“This program was initiated by all PBI lecturers. We know that there are some PBI students still in Yogyakarta. We also understand that they are having difficulties because the stalls are closed. So this program is also supported by alumni,” she said when met at her office, Friday (17/4).

The lecturer, who is often called Jackie, also explained the flow of food packages to be taken by the 109 students who registered. Packet retrieval must also follow the rules of no crowding. The students were given two days to take their packages. Then, every student who has registered is given a predetermined time schedule. This retrieval should only be carried out by a maximum of two people every ten minutes.

“The point is that they should not crowd, so we set the room in such a way as for the program to run quickly. To avoid the buildup of time, we decided to schedule the activity. Ten minutes for every two students,” added Jackie.

She also hopes the food packages that have been given can help students in the upcoming month of Ramadan. So, a survey was conducted on the students to find out what their needs were. The packages contained rice, soy sauce, canned fish, cooking oil, and other items.

“When Ramadan comes, they do not need to find staple food. Previously, we also did a survey to students. The lecturers asked the students what items they needed at this point,” Jackie added.

In addition to providing food packages, the department also provided the students with money. However, Jackie emphasized that the provision of cash was intended to be able to assist the online lecture or other necessary needs, not for cigarettes.

“We intended to give them more staple food, but maybe they didn’t need so much. So, we gave them money to buy data plans for online learning and other services. However, we also gave them a message to not spend the cash on cigarettes,” She closed.

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