Tim Robot Pemadam Api UMY Ikut Wakili DIY di Tingkat Nasional

UMY’s Fire-Fighting Robot Team Represents Yogyakarta in a National Contest

Mr_Cool MK6, a team of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) for Indonesia Fire Fighting Robot (KPRAI) contest will represent Yogyakarta Indonesia Robot Contest (2017). Supervised by Muhammad Yusvin Mustar, S.T., M.Eng., the team became the first runner up with a total score of 546.27, while the winner was D’AVECENNA 1.7 team from Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISULA) with the total score 48.99 and the second runner was Al-Fatih team from University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) with the total  score of 573.97.

In an interview on Wednesday (17/5), UMY’s team could defeat a team of UGM as the host of KRI 2017 for Region III on 11-13 May. The achievement was obtained by Mr_Cool MK6 after 6 times the team joined the KRI each year. “Mr_Cool MK6 means the sixth generation, and the team will firstly participate in a national competition,” Yusvin informed. The team were Electrical Engineering students, namely Try Ahmad Agus (batch 2013), Wicaksono Aji Wibowo (batch 2013), and Bintang Surya Tryatmojo (batch 2014).

“The team succeeded in Area III encompassing Central Java, Yogyakarta, and Kalimantan. We will always try to do our best in the national level. The challenge is getting harder since the participants are the winners of each region and from various state and private universities across Indonesia,” he expressed.

Additionally, the KRI 2017 conducting on 6-9 July 2017 at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPPI) Bandung comprises of Indonesia Fire Fighting Robot Contest (KRPAI), Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesia Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI), and Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI). In the scoring criteria f KRPAI, Yusvin explained that the participants will get a point based on the extinguished fires.

“In the KRPAI, there were four spaces that there were several things as borders such as a dog doll which cannot be hit, down, or moved by the robot. Strategies to face the various barriers were necessary so that the robot can find an area where the fire needs to be extinguished. Afterwards, the robot should return to the starting point in order to gain a point of extinguishing fires and returning to the starting point,” mentioned Yusvin.


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