The EED of UMY Facilitates the Students to Be Entrepreneurs

Many students of the English Education Department (EED) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) are interested in being entrepreneurs. Seeing the fact, the department facilitates the students by conducting ‘Festival of Entrepreneurship’ on Wednesday (4/1) at Plaza Bintang of UMY.

The festival chief, Puthut Ardianto, S.Pd., M.Pd., stated that the EED students could enhance their capability as linguists in entrepreneurship. As the lecturer of Entrepreneurship course, Puthut noticed that some students wish to be teachers. Thus, the festival was expected to enable them to recognize their interest in entrepreneurship.

“In the entrepreneurship, students may focus on not only language but also other various areas so that they will be well-prepared for anything when they work with the community. Indeed, the EED of UMY possesses a tagline that students can be teachers, lecturers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners,” Puthut told.

He added that the festival was organized to optimize the practice of the Entrepreneur course at the EED of UMY. “Students’ final project of the Entrepreneur course was only making a business plan proposal. However, we are now attempting to ask students to experience the real market so that the theme of the festival is ‘Bringing Ideas to Real Market’. We encourage students to promote and sell their ideas,” Puthut inserted.

The Festival of Entrepreneur was firstly held by the EED of UMY, and there were 30 booths comprising of 24 booths of Entrepreneurship student groups and 6 public booths. “One of the sixth booths belongs to Entrepreneur UMY Circle, the EED Entrepreneurship community, while the other booths are Savanna (the EED drama club), Hairband which a entrepreneurship group was funded by SEBI, and an online course offering language services,” Puthut mentioned.

Meanwhile, products marketed at the festival were clothes, food, beverages, dessert, environmentally friendly handicrafts. Puthut also informed that students also sold their English books. He wished that the festival could regularly be conducted.


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