The Committee Anticipate Overwhelming Unregistered Participants of a Public Lecture by Dr. Zakir Naik by Providing a Big Screen

Public showed high enthusiasm for attending a public lecture by Dr.  Zakir Naik on Monday (3/4) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). Thousands of people who had not done online registration came to participate in the public lecture. To coping with the condition, the committee provided a big screen at hall of Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan of UMY so that the unregistered people can watch the live streaming of the public lecture.

The unregistered participants mostly came from out of town. One of them was Yudi (41) coming from Solo. He told that he did not registered and was eager to see Dr. Zakir Naik. “I am from Solo. I know this public lecture from my friend. I just want to see Dr. Zakir Naik,” said Yudi.

He appreciated the committee for guiding the unregistered participants to the hall of Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. “I think this is great and comfortable. It doesn’t matter that I can attend the public lecture. However, there were technical problems in the projector so that we had to move to the first floor. Overall, I am quite satisfied,” expressed Yudi.

Another unregistered participant was Adam (22) coming with his mother. He did not do the online registration because his server was down. He suggested the committee to evaluate several aspects. “The committee should be able to anticipate technical problems as the written interpretation always came up far behind the statement of Dr. Zakir Naik. May the next event be better,” expected Adam.

Besides, there was a participant from Bekasi, Muhammad Anika Pranoto (52). He told that he was keen to see Dr. Zakir Naik who reminds Muhammad Andika of Sheikh Ammed Deedat. “I always follow the update lectures by Dr. Zakir Naik, and I previously also updated lectures from his teacher, Sheikh Ammed Deedat. I think that Dr. Zakir Naik can substitute Sheikh Ammed Deedat. May Dr. Zakir Naik always be healthy and be able to enlighten people’s life,” wished Muhammad Andika.

As a person concerning with religion, Andika did not want to miss an occasion to see Dr. Zakir Naik as what occurred in 1995. “I lost a moment of the visit of Sheikh Ammed Deedat to Jakarta in 1995. I did not believe that Dr. Zakir Naik visits Indonesia so that I am eager to meet him,” he told.

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