Taekwondo of UMY Achieves Medals

A Taekwondo club of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) gain a number of achievements in a Taekwondo cup, ‘Liga Mahasiswa 9’ organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). It was conducted on Saturday (12/5) at Sports Hall of UNS.

A Taekwondo coach of UMY Yusril Ihza Al-Rasyid told that the competition was participated by 150 students from universities in Yogyakarta and Jawa Tengah. “UMY sent 10 beginners, who are students of batch 2017. Five students achieved four bronze medals and one silver medal for a ‘Fight’ category. They were Anas Banu Aji (Department of Law, batch 2015), Khuzamy Basyar Rifqi (Department of Law, batch 2015), Febya Shinta Adella (Department of English Language Education, batch 2017), Milati Khusna (KKI, batch 2017) and Annisa Nurul Huda (KKI, batch 2017)” mentioned Yusril in an interview on Friday (18/5).

Yusril added that the students prepared for the competition for two months. “We have to be well-prepared every time we join a competition. Preparing for the ‘Liga Mahasiswa 9’ cup, we had daily exercises such as physical and technical exercises as well as trials. Besides, the Taekwondo competition participants were from UKSW, UNS, UMY, UNIMU, and other universities,” he explained.

“We are proud of the students. I expect that their achievements can inspire other students to be the winner in their areas of interest. We also hope that we can obtain more medals and we can always practice and do not become quitters.

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