Sri Sultan HB X: Muhammadiyah Is the 4th Foremost Pillar of Yogyakarta


Getting into the second century, Muhammadiyah attempts to provide enlightenment for Indonesia. Muhammadiyah has been contributing to Indonesia like contribution to fields of education, social services, and missionary. Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X uttered that Muhammadiyah is the fourth foremost pillar of Yogyakarta after Tawansiswa, UGM, and Palace. He declared the statement when delivering a speech on ‘Tasyakuran Night of the 106th Anniversary of Muhammadiyah on Wednesday (18/11) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

Sri Sultan conveyed that Muhammadiyah was established in Yogyakarta and the organization has brought significant impacts on the development of Yogyakarta in various aspects. Muhammadiyah and Yogyakarta Palace are inseparable. “The evidence that Muhammadiyah is the main pillar of Yogyakarta is the existence of Muhammadiyah-affiliated schools and higher education in Yogyakarta. Muhammadiyah has also contributed to social services. Muhammadiyah, essentially, cannot be separated from the Palace and this organization is the primary pillar of Yogyakarta, besides UGM and Tamansiswa. These four pillars can be synergized to become national power so that the Islamic movement can be national civilization enlightenment,” he maintained.

There were two best moments of the anniversary of Muhammadiyah. First, Muhammadiyah Student Association (IPM) became the best national and international youth organization. Second, Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo, an influential figre of Muhammaduayh, was awarded a national hero by government. “Ki Bagus deserved to achieve the title of a national hero due to his roles as a member of BPUPKI, and constructing preamble of UUD 1945,” Sultan inserted.

Furthermore, People’s Consultative Assembly (MKR) speaker Dr. Zulkifli Hasan, S.E., M.M. stated that government, in fact, has to appreciate Muhammadiyah for its dedication to the independence of Republic of Indonesia. “Ki Bagus was one of the heroes of Mummadiyah contributed to the independence of Republic of Indonesia. It showed that Muhammadiyah’s figures possessed enormous roles in fighting for the independence so that government should appreciate Muhammadiyah, indeed,” he declared.

Additionally, in the Tasyakuran Night of the 106th anniversary of Muhammadiyah, there was movement signing of passing the hat of Muhammadiyah’s members. They contribute 10.000 rupiahs per month for Muhammadiyah’s autonomy. In the night, Chairman of Muhamadiyah also rewarded IPM as the best national youth organization.

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