Six Nursing Students of UMY Have Student Exchange to Thailand


Six Nursing students of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) performed student exchange at Faculty of Nursing of Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thailand. The program was conducted in September-October 2015. The students were Zulfa Mahdiatur Rasyida acting as the chief, Dewi Caesaria, Shendika Wirastiningtyas, Norma Anissa Yuliana, Dzurriyatun Toyyibah, and Hanif Rasyiddah Noor. They admitted that they were glad to join the student exchange.

Zulfa told that the student exchange is an annual program between Nursing of UMY and Faculty of Nursing of KKU. “The student exchange is also only for KKU’s students to visit UMY. The program facilities are dormitory, free bus at KKU, practicum at Khon Kaen Hospital, nursing practicum at community,” stated Zulfa on Monday (2/11).

“This occasion is not easy to get. There were several selections. In April, there was selection of administrative documents like minimum TOEFL score 450 and transcription of undergraduate degree. 20 students registered and passed the administrative selection as well as had attended English interview test by lecturers of PSIK of UMY. 6 students were selected to join the student exchange.

Furthermore, Shendika Wirastiningtyas confessed that she was glad to join the student exchange in Thailand. “Staying in Thailand for a month, my friends and I gained a lot of experiences. For instances, we were welcomed by Indonesian graduate and doctoral students in KKU when we arrived. The atmosphere became our motivation to obtain more knowledge and experience,” she expressed.

She also conveyed that her friends and she could perceive to studying with Thai students. “When we were with them, we noticed their endeavor. When having practicum at Khon Kaen Hospital, we never saw nurses keep relax like playing their phone, eating, and talking each other. We have to take the circumstances as example since, when working atmosphere is conducive, patient satisfaction will lift and hospital performance will greater as well,” she informed.

She inserted that learning atmosphere in Thailand is distinctive. They attended a lecturer by Ajarn (a lecturer) Lakuwe regarding health care system and Ajarn Pattama about foot care diabetic. “Most of students like to study during their spare time. They seem all day long reading a book, writing, having discussion, or typing in public place like canteen complex (food court and department store), and campus parks. The lecturers were friendly during learning and teaching process,” she added.

Additionally, they also visited historical and tourism places in Thailand. They were accompanied by two supervisors, Ajarn Kesinee and Ajarn Chatkanee. “They are kind. They invited us to visit several tourism places like Nongweng Temple (a place of Buddhist monks), King Cobra Village (a place of python attraction), Ton Tann culinary place, night market, walking street, Pratunam Market, and other beautiful places of KKU. A day before we left Thailand, we also visit Bangkok, capital city of Thailand,” told Dewi Caesaria.

Dewi continued that the experiences can broaden their networking with friends of various countries like China and Cambodia. She expected that the student exchange can be a sustainable annual program.


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