SALYO Visits Language Training Center of UMY

Fifty students and four teachers Sekolah Alam Yogyakarta (SALYO) SMP IT Alam Nurul Islam visited Language Training Center (LTC) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Tuesday (17/10). The visit, called ‘Kunjungan Edukasi’ (Education Visit), aimed to introduce foreign languages.

One of the teachers Ardi informed that the visit has been conducted since 2009. “We have been cooperating with UMY to conduct this field trip,” he told.

“Besides, since the distance between UMY and our school is near and UMY possesses native speakers, we decide to have the field trip to UMY,” said Ardi.

During the field trip, the students visited several centers of language studies such as American Corner (Amcor), Warung Perancis, and Language Laboratory. At the Amcor, they students learned a foreign language and were invited to play games.

Indeed, a Spanish native speaker Mr. Santiago Gonzales also taught them greetings in Spanish. He stated that the most important aspect of communication is not perfection of uttering words but willingness to interact and to learn the target language culture.

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