Research Findings Contribute to the Knowledge Development

Conducting research is a must for academician since it is a medium to find resolutions of problems and the findings can contribute to the knowledge development. However, the research results can be science if the research object and method possess several dimensions.

In a public lecture on ‘Social Research Methodology and Sharing Experiences’ on Wednesday (22/11) at Building of Geung Kasman Singodimedjo, Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Teuku Afrizal, Ph.D. from Universitas Malaysia Sabah stated, “Science should have several dimensions, namely epistemology which refers to a process of constructing the knowledge, ontology which refers to what to learn, and axiology which refers to benefits of the knowledge.”

Science from research findings will always develop. “For one reason, in research there are a lot of factors which have not been examined yet. Thus, science will always be fostered due to new research,” declared Teuku Afrizal.

Besides, he told his concern of researchers who often do improvisation in conducting research. “Not only can a singer but also a researcher carry out improvisation. A researcher sometimes change research data. For instance, a researcher fills a questionnaire by herself/himself. This is not good so that the data is not valid. Indeed, learning is finding truth. If the learning is not undertaken well, they will get nothing but confusion,” asserted Teuku Afrizal.

He emphasized that a researcher should possess a number of characteristics such as being critical, idealistic, and thoughtful. “A researcher have to have scientific attitudes, theoretical and idealistic sensitivity so that the research will be valid and valuable. For example a researcher can visit a research setting in post-research to find out whether there are changes or data additions so that the research can be accounted,” he conveyed.

In addition, adding data to make the research great is not necessary. “We do not need to insert or omit research data because the research will get difficulties in finding the results,” he maintained.

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