Rector of UMY Emphasizes the Importance of the Enhancement of Human Resources


Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) emphasized the significance of the enhancement of human resources since UMY’s human resources rank 583 of 3,224 higher education institutions in Indonesia. This circumstance should be a concern of the UMY’s leadership, lecturers, and staffs.

In an annual meeting of UMY (RKT) 2017 with bringing ‘Enhancement of Human Resource Quality and Publication to Be Internationally Reputable University’ on Thursday (28/9) at building of K.H. Ibrahim E7, Rector of UMY admitted that quality of human resources of Muhammadiyah higher education institutions is far from ideals. The quality is in the ranking of 400.

“This should be our concern. Muhammadiyah institutions are still focusing on simple issues such as a conflict between a rector and board of trustees. In fact, we have to be aware that a rector and board of trustees are a partner in good, not in crime,” stressed Gunawan.

Therefore, Gunawan expected that UMY leadership, lecturers, and staffs can synergize to enhance the quality of human resources. UMY now has 45 of 240 lecturers holding their doctoral degree. “We target that other 195 lecturers can hold their doctoral degree in 2020. Indeed, human resources of UMY ranks 500 since this university only has few senior lecturers that 70 percent of lecturers have not become senior lecturers yet. Meanwhile, lecturers refer to the ones who hold doctoral degree and become senior lecturers so that we will focus on the development of human resources for these three years,” asserted Gunawan.

The more developed the human resources, the greater the number of publications. For publication category, UMY ranks 81 of 3,244 among other Indonesian universities. 126 researches of UMY lecturers are indexed by scopus. “The target is 152 researches indexed scopus. Hence, in these three years, our target is to increase the number of researches and publications, senior lecturers, and professors. All academicians should go hand in hand so that we can achieve our goal,” declared Gunawan.

Besides, Secretary of Board of Trustees of UMY Drs. Sukiman hoped that all annual events of UMY can always be conducted to foster the quality of this university. “I wish that this annual meeting can bring merits for the enhancement of UMY quality,” he said.

In addition, another schedule of the annual meeting was the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UMY and Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) on UMY employee financing and Cash Management System (CMS). The MoU signing was carried out by Rector of UMY and a representative of BSM Yogyakarta Sukma Dwi Priardi. BSM also handed over scholarship funds accounted 100 million rupiahs and CSR funds accounted 225 million rupiahs to UMY. The CSR funds will be used by UMY to subsidize community service programs in 3T (the frontier, outermost and remote) areas in Indonesia.

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