QS Awards UMY Five-Star Ratings


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta (UMY) achieved five stars of international accreditation in aspects of facilities, social responsibilities, and inclusiveness. The accreditation was based on the result of external audit by Quacquarelli Symond (QC), an international accreditation agency for higher education located in London. The accreditation result was announced on Thursday, 17 December 2015.

Chief of QS audit team of UMY Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc. told that UMY’s efforts to obtain the five stars were carried out for three years and last year an internal audit result of UMY was proposed to QS. “After QS conducted external audit, the result was announced on 17 December that UMY has gained international accreditation and has been acknowledged in World University Rankings,” he stated.

Nurmandi conveyed that the five stars were based on Learning Environment and Advance Criteria. The five stars showed that UMY is a higher education institution having complete facilities in line with five stars comprising sport center, university regencies, infrastructure of information technology, library, health care, and student activity units. All of the facilities construct cozy learning environment and make students satisfied when studying at UMY.

“The five star for the aspect of social responsibility indicated that UMY has contribute to community and economic development in regional and national level. UMY has conducted various activities regarding human resource development, community empowerment, social care, and disaster aids. It also showed that UMY has implemented values of Muhammadiyah dealing with social care, and UMY is not a university only for elites but it is for people of all social and economic class. It can be noticed from the availability of scholarship, disability access, gender equality, and students of poor family,” Nurmandi informed.

Besides, UMY also obtained other starts for Core Criteria, namely 4 stars for teaching and 3 stars for employability. Secretary of audit team of UMY Dr. Slamet Riyadi conveyed that UMY is considered good at teaching and the availability of teachers who pursued doctor, student satisfaction, and university services. “3 stars for employability displayed that UMY can prepare the students to be ready for work. The data showed that 84.3% of graduates of UMY get a job less twelve months. UMY also provides staffs for career development that often conduct job fair. Alumni of UMY are also ready to work effectively in multicultural teams, and to manage the job as well as the human resources,” Slamet maintained.

Slamet inserted that QS has two rates, namely QS Ranking and QS Star. UMY has obtained the achievements based on the criteria of QS Star. It indicated that UMY has become a higher education institution having international accreditation. “It also showed that UMY has been acknowledged by international,” he ended.


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