PS HW of UMY Seeks to Wins League 3 of Regional DIY

League 3 of Province Association (Asprov) of PSSI of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) 2018 is coming soon. Hizbul Wathan Football Association (PS HW) of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has prepared to win the league.

In interview on Friday (29/6), a coach of the PS HW of UMY Koco Pramono told that the team’s target is to be the winner of the league and to represent DIY in a national competition. The regional league winner will compete in the national level whose participants are from Indonesia.

“We seeks to become the winner and we have done long preparation,” said Koco.

The preparation was conducting a selection process for the players. The selected players will be in a team with players from the PS HW UMY. The player ration is 50:50.

PS HW UMY is included in group A and will compete with 9 teams from DIY, namely Persig Gunungkidul, Gama FC, FC UNY, UAD FC, Jogja Istimewa Football (JIF), Tunas Jogja, Satria Adikarta, Persikup Kulonprogo, and Protaba Bantul. Gama FC, Persikup Kulonprogo, Rajawali FC Gunungkidul, and Sleman United. The league will use a home away match system. The Kickoff was planned to commence on 27 June but postponed due to a conflict in an internal party of Aprov of PSSI of DIY. Till now, the league schedule has not been announced yet.

Koco expressed his disappointment. He thought that the league lateness is detrimental to teams and the winner of a regional league of DIY may not be able to participate in the national level.

“I am disappointed when the kickoff was cancelled because the team is ready to compete. We have to wait the conflict ended. The longer the league begins, the longer it ends,” he maintined.

Additionally, five UMY students are of 25 players who will compete at the league.

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