PPNI Contributes to Foster Public Health

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Indonesia Nursing Association (PPNI) is responsible for providing public protection and supporting government to enhance health rate in Indonesia. The association affords public health services and well service equality.

In an inauguration of PPNI of DIY supported by Nursing Department (PSIK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah (UMY) and attended by organizers of PPNI Center and the membership of education, public service, and public health office at seminar hall of Graduate School of UMY, Secretary General of PPNI Center, Dr. Mustikasari, S.Kp. MARS stated that nursing demand has escalated so that nurses should give professional performance in the health services.

“The inauguration is expected that PPNI of DIY could foster the programs, particularly the programs of public services, and could care for the nurses of DIY,” Mustika wished,

Chairperson of PPNI of DIY, Tri Prabowo, S.Kp., M.Sc. told that several programs has been arranged like coordinating and consolidating the relationship between the organizers and nurses of DIY. The coordination and consolidation aim at listening to as well as responding public complaints and evaluating the nurses’ performance to enhance the health services,” he conveyed.

PPNI of DIY will cooperate with Public Health Office of DIY. “The coordination will focus on the contribution of PPNI of DIY and the increasing of public welfare in health,” he ended.

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