Pharmacy Students of UMY Win Pharmacy Competition UGM 2015


Pharmacy students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) won Pharmacy Competition UGM 2015 organized by PIOGAMA (Gadjah Mada Pharmacy Information Center). A team of UMY defeated 45 teams of 22 universities across Indonesia. The competition was conducted on 31 October – 2 November 2015 at Faculty of Pharmacy of UGM.

In an interview at Public Relations and Protocol Affairs of UMY on Monday (2/11), chief of the team Danang Aji Wiguna informed that the competition comprised several rounds. In preliminary round, they answered 200 question of pharmacy and 9 teams passed to semifinal round. “The semifinal was like a quiz that the 9 teams were divided into 3 groups, and Alhamdulillah we passed to final round,” he told.

Danang stated that in semifinal round score of UMY and UGM was equal. “Thus, the judges gave an additional question, and UMY won over UGM to pass to final round,” he conveyed.

The team comprised Danang Aji Wiguna and Aiyun Astiyani, students of Pharmacy Department batch 2013. UMY’s team defeated UNAIR and ITB with prefect score 390. “In final round, we had counseling and quiz. In counseling round, we got 3 cases and we gained the highest score and became the winner,” Komarudin informed.

The team obtained the highest score since they integrated Islamic teaching in completing the cases like reciting basmallah before drinking medicine and it is recommended for Muslim patients. “It is in line with tagline of UMY Unggul dan Islami. We do not overlook to implement Islamic teaching that we gained at class in the competition,” he asserted.

Danang added that winning the competition did not drive the team self-satisfied and they will join other pharmacy competitions. “We are optimistic to join other pharmacy competition. This achievement is our stepping stone to bring the name of this university in other competitions,” he ended.

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