Participants of International Community Service Develop Tourism Places in Yogyakarta

International community service, Learning Express, participated by 66 students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan will end on Thursday (21/9). Conducted since 10 September 2017, the students have created a development program for tourism places in Yogyakarta.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of UMY told that the students had a briefing before performing the community service. “We, UMY, are delighted to be the host of this learning express program since this is the implementation of tri dharma perguruan tinggi (the Three Principles of Higher Education). This program is organized twice a year. One of the advantages of the program is that we provide guidance and practice so that participants can immediately analysis potentials in areas where they perform the community service. In this program, the areas were Dlingo and Kebosungu for the tourism areas, Pakis for wood craft waste management, and Korian for emping garut production,” stated Sukamta on Tuesday (19/9) at UMY Boga.

He added that the learning express will continuously be conducted as many students are enthusiastic about joining social programs. Indeed, the community are glad because the ideas from the participants benefit them. “The participants’ ideas are valuable for the development of the tourism places. For instance, in a tourism place in Kebosungu, participants created a photo spot, photo spots, directions, and a map of tourist sites. The ideas were expected to be able to enhance the services and the number of tourists. Besides, the program was beneficial for not only the community but also the participants since it can raise their understanding and gain new experience to adapt to community. Hence, we will attempt to observe other areas to be the next places of the learning express program I order that UMY can contribute to lifting the life quality of the community,” maintained Sukamta.

In addition, at the ceremonial departure of the program, the participants presented the findings of an analysis of marketing strategies, promotion through social media, website making, merchandise making, connection among institutions, and souvenir making in the tourism places.

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