‘NILEP’, a Short Film by Communication Science Students of UMY, Achieves Awards in ACCFest


Communication Science students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogykarta (UMY) achieved two awards of Anti Corruption Film Festival (ACCFest) organized by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The festival was conducted on Thursday (10/12) in Bandung. A short film entitled ‘Nilep’ directed by Wahyu Agung Prasetyo, a Communication Science student of UMY of batch 2011, obtained two awards, namely the Best Student Fiction Short Film and The Judges’ Favorite Film.

In an interview on Friday (11/12), Wahyu informed that there were several competition categories, namely Fiction Short Film Competition, Documentary Short Film Competition, Animation Short Film Competition, and Public Service Video Competition, and Citizen Journalism Video Competition. The competition aimed at preventing corruption in public so that it was conceptualized excitingly, creatively, and dynamically as young generation’s soul to anticipate corruption within them.

‘Nilep’ is a short film telling a batch of children debating since one of them stole a toy. The others blamed the toy thief and ultimately he returned the toy to the seller via post. “The story illustrated that there are positives aspects hidden in children’s simple characteristics. They were honesty and responsibility,” he told.

The film was made for a month by film crew comprising Ludy Oji, Elena Rosmeisara, Sarah Dwi Putri, Adska Dora, Fauzan Ridwan, Dela Amanda, Rizki Pratama, Egha M Harismina, and Prasida Yogi. In the competition, ‘Nilep’ won over 513 other films of various categories. “Alhamdulillah, we were appreciated by the judges and audience. We defeated the other four films nominated in the same category; those four films were ‘Ping Pong’ (University of Multimedia Nusantara, Tanggerang), ‘Sumbangan Dablongan’ (Sabuk Cinema Ekskul Sinematografi SMA Bukateta, Purbalingga), ‘Takut Denda’ (Meditatif Film, Makasar), and ‘Pisang Molen’ (Komunitas Film Milik Kita, Semarang),” Wahyu mentioned.

Wahyu and his friends have produced two films and gained a lot of awards. Their first film entitled ‘Mak Cempluk’ achieved the Best Short Film Nomination of Yogyakarta Film Week 2014, Best Picture Winner Algorythem UGM 2014, Official Selection Psychofest 2014, Out of Competition XXI Short Film Festival 2015, Official Selection Malang Film Festival 2015, the Best Story in Lampung Indie Film Festival 2015, and the Best Comedy Film in ‘Festival Taman Film’ Bandung. Their second film entitled ‘Nilep’ reached the Best Film and the Best Director in Tebas Award (the Beest Annual Multimedia Show), Children Fiction Film Nomination of Indonesia Film Appreciation by Kemendikbud, and the Favorite Film in Moviestival Film Festival by PT Pos Indonesia in Bandung in September 2015.

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