MTCC of UMY Follows Up Smoke-Free Areas

Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Center of Muhammadiyah (MTCC) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a meeting to discuss smoke-free areas on Thursday (12/4) at Silol Coffee and Eatery, Kota Baru. It was attended by Head of Sub-directorate of Chronic Diseases of Ministry of Health, Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Health Office of Kulon Progo, Health Office of Yogyakarta City, MTCC of Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang, Wanita Indonesia Tanpa Tembakau, and Forum Jogja Sehat Tanpa Tembakau.

The meeting aimed to follow up the regulation of free-smoke areas, commenced by Kulon Progo, based on Local Regulation No. 5/2014 established on 22 April 2014. Afterwards, on 25 June 2015, District Government of Gunung Kidul set Local Regulation No. 7/2015 followed by City Government of Yogyakarta through Local Regulation No. 2/2017. However, although Sleman through District Government No. 42/2012 and Bantul through District Government No. 18/2016, both districts have not established local regulation yet.

Cigarette advertisements in each areas of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta were the main discussion of the meeting, Head of Health Office of Kulon Progo dr. Bambang Haryanto, M.Kes, stated that the advertisements brings huge impacts on children to smoke. Thus, District Government of Kulon Progo does not allow to advertise tobacco products.

Indeed, a persuasive approach becomes an effective mean for government of Kulon Progo to overcome tobacco issues among teenagers. “The approach can be undertaken through establishing regulation at schools, interfaith dialog, and slowly admonishing,” mentioned dr. Bambang. The approach may assist government of Kulon Progo to establish smoke-free areas.

Meanwhile, in areas of Yogyakarta City, Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta Haroe Purwadi told the implementation of the smoke-free areas are started from governmental institutions.

Those are government’s regulations and MTCC of UMY expected that they can be applied and adapted by other regions which have not implemented the regulations yet.

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