Master of Law of UMY Discusses Regulations on Environmental Conservation

Nowadays, environmental damages are buzz worthy issues among people. Illegal loggings and regulations of Mining Operation Permit (IUP), for examples, are most-talked issues during the political contestation. To raise the topic, Master of Law (MIH) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a discussion entitled “Environmental Atrocity” at Study Hall of Master of Law on Friday (5/7).

The discussion invited three main speakers, namely Dr. Yeni Widowaty, S.H., M.Hum, a lecturer of MIH specialized in environmental criminal laws; Sunarno, S.H., M.Hum, a lecturer of MIH specialized in agrarian laws; and La Ode Alimin, S.IP, a student of MIH.

The discussion explained about environmental atrocities caused by illegal gold mining in Gunung Botak, Buru, Maluku. “Since 2012, Gunung Buru has always exposed to environmental damages due to illegal mining. The damages are mainly caused by irregular waste disposals. Some miners using dangerous chemical substances as mercury and cyanide to mine golds,” conveyed La Ode.

Moreover, Sunarno stated that environmental damages occur because local governments do not regulate laws that protect the environment. Besides, there is a monopoly practice among stakeholders. He added, “Local governments do not possess management skills to restrain foreign investors. Hence, most environmental crimes always related to political intervention, meaning that there is abuse of power to benefit foreign investors. The action contradicts to Indonesian laws and will surely inflict disadvantages to people.”

Therefore, according to Yeni Widowati, the seminar was held to discuss about regulations that can protect environment, especially mining areas. The conservation should refer to The 1945 Constitutions of Indonesia number 33 articles 3 that read: ‘The land, the waters and the natural riches contained therein shall be controlled by the State and exploited to the greatest benefit of the people’.

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