Lecturers of Department of Communication Science of UMY Revive Writing Culture for Elementary School Teachers

Writing theories are easy to learn, but writing needs more practices. To revive writing culture among elementary school teachers, two lecturers of Department of Communication Science of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Dr. Filosa Gita Sukmono and Dr. Fajar Junaedi conducted a workshop on scientific writing on Saturday (9/3) at SD Muhammadiyah Karangturi, Banguntapan, Bantul.

Filosa and Fajar are lecturers who actively write as they collaborate to write books entitled ‘Komunikasi Multikultural’ (2015) and ‘Komunikasi Kesehatan’. They, then, shared their experiences in writing to the teachers.

Filosa informed that the workshop was participated fifty elementary school teachers. “We wish that the workshop provides the teachers knowledge so that they can write books or articles on mass media. We expected the teachers do not only understand the scientific writing but also are able to write it,” he told.

Filosa added that the workshop output was a book. “The teachers practiced writing an article. Afterwards, their writings were compiled and published on a book a month after the workshop,” he explained.

Additionally, the teachers were enthusiastic to join the workshop funded by Office of Research, Publication, and Community Service of UMY. The workshop quota was full for a two-day registration.

A board of trustees of SD Muhammadiyah Katangturi Drs. Sukemi Tirta, M.Pd. stated that the workshop was valuable to enhance the teachers’ creativity. “The workshop may encourage teachers to do learning innovations and they can teach their students writing,” she hoped.

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