KPI Students of Batch 2017 Produce Four Short Films for Dakwah

Films have recently appealed to public enthusiasm from children to adults. Due to providing attracting audiovisual effects, films are frequently used to deliver messages to public. Noticing the fact, students of Department of Islamic Broadcasting Communication (KPI) of batch 2017 of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) employed films as media to document learning materials to be a work containing Islamic values.

On Monday (28/5), the department organized a screening of four short films entitled Portrait, 18+, Resilience, and Stressed Out at a classroom of PSIK, building of F.3. of UMY. It was attended by a number lecturers and KPI students of batch 2017. It was initiated by a KPI lecturer Imam Suprabowo, S.Sos.I., M.Pd. to utilize films as learning media of a subject of Dakwah Communication Psychology. Imam stated that the films were made to record materials of the subject. “Students often forget what they get at class because they gain a lot of materials. Thus, I requested students to make a short film so that they can understand what I teach at class and the materials can be a dakwah,” he declared.

Imam emphasized that KPS should create works, including films. He believed that films are appropriate media to deliver Islamic values in this era. “Besides, the films can bring novelty in a dakwah method,” he maintained.

Furthermore, the film of 18+ was made by KPI students of class B. According to juries, the film plot was simple and interesting, and it consisted of comedy, drama, conflicts attracting people to enjoy the story.

Dira Farizi, a film director of 18+, said that the film told a daily life of teenagers that a girl stayed far from her hometown to study. She confronted problems which turned herself to be mature. Since it talked about a teenager, the films also showed romance conflicts.

“The film theme is modest. Through the film, we would like to tell teenagers staying far from her parents does not live freely but she has limitations to maintain,” explained Dira.

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