KKN 079 UMY Makes a Game to Promote ‘Goa Jepang’

Ten students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) of batch 2013 associated in a group of KKN 079 UMY performed a community service in in Ngreco, Seloharjo, Pundong, Bantul. They created a game for PC and Android entitled ‘Goa 1’ to promote ‘Goa Jepang’ (a cave) in the area.

Chief of KKN 079 UMY Diky Rizky Ramadhan told that the game-making aimed at promoting tourism places in Surocolo, particularly Goa Jepang. “We are interested in the history of Goa Jepang so that we initiated to promote it through a game,” he said.

“People nowadays actively use their gadgets in their daily activities so that they can play the game,” Diky inserted.

‘Goa 1’ is a survival game with the third person shooter mode and the game setting is Goa Jepang 1 in Ngreco, Seloharjo. The game tells that a student of UMY passes Seloharjo and finds a cave. Suddenly magical power brings him to wartime that there are a lot of Japanese armies in the cave. The student should survive by firing at them.

Additionally, the game was made by Minhajuddin Kasma (a student of Information Technology Depaartment of batch 2013), while the other nine students looked for data for the game-making. “We shared duties. Minjahuddin created the game, whereas the others observed and sought the history of Goa Jepang,” informed Diky.

He added that, based on the history and data, Goa Jepang was a bunker of Japanese armies during World War II. “The cave also possesses 19 different locations and shapes with various functions. Indeed, we can see Parangtritis beach from one of the cave locations,” he maintained.

The game will be proposed to the tourism managers in Surocolo, and can be downloaded on their official website. “We have contacted Mr. Darwis, one of the tourism managers, and parties of Pundong district,” he stated.


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