KKN 071 of UMY Installs Wi-Fi and Creates a Website to Promote Klangon Hill

Students of batch 2014 of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in a team of KKN 071 performing a community service at Klangon Hill, Kalitengah Lor, Glagaharjo, Cangkrngan, Sleman developed technology in the area. They created a website to promote a tourism place of the Klangon Hill.

A supervisor Asroni, S.T. mentioned two programs of the community service, namely optimizing the use of internet and developing a website. “For the internet, we will foster the physical appearance and bandwidth, while for the website we have had a booking feature which can be accessed on,” he explained in an interview on Monday (4/9).

Meanwhile, chief of the team Bangkit Dwi Susilo told that it was quite hard to get signals in the area and there is an unfamiliar tourism place. “Thus, we initiated to install WiFi and to make a website to promote the tourism place,” he said.

In fact, people nowadays cannot live without internet and technology. “Everything is online now so that the website making to promote the tourism place is considered necessary,” believed Bangkit.

“We shared duties one another. Some students monitored and assisted the tower installation, while the others trained the tourism place managers on how to use Wi-Fi. To create the website, we had observed and interviewed the managers to gain information about the tourism place. After the data were gathered, we designed the website. Our seniors at Department of Informatics Engineering to make the website,” stated Bangkit.

He also expected that the tourism place in Klangon hill are well-known by public. “People who have known yet and try to find a spot for holiday can access information on the official website of Klangon hill, We also hope that Klangon hill can be a recommended tourism place,” wished Bangkit.

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