Kabar dari Negeri Tirai Bambu #3

These days, I interact more with people than chinese characters. I hope this thing doesn’t make me lose a chance to get a good score in next-week final exam. Last weekend, people here celebrate “the dragon festival” (端午节 – duānwǔ jié). deep down inside my heart, I expected to see some real festive festival here, with dragons (of course not the real one), a boat, or a dragon-shaped boat; but I’m not that lucky to see all of those things.

Instead, I spend the day-off in my friend’s hometown in Zhu ma dian. it is located in south of xinzheng. the traffic was amazingly crowded, and I get use to the way people here staring me from top-to-toe, like I was a stranger. wait, I really AM a stranger. So, it doesn’t matter. for a second there, I thought it was “lebaran” day because so many people gathered to celebrate a big celebration.
In Zhu ma dian, I went to hills, mountains, rivers, parks, and had a nice dinner time with my friend’s family. at that time, I felt a little clumsy and awkward. but after seeing they way they smile and talk, it reminded me what “home” means. well, some people say that “home is where the heart in”.
There are several days when I feel like chinese language is so hard, demanding yet complex, or the days when I heard people talking is just like some buzzing bees. At that time, I really wish I can find subtitles below; but I realize that I don’t live in some kind of action movie with jackie chan in it, so I’ll just gave in.
Those a-little-hard days, really want my extra force to fit in, making me feel tired and bored in the end of the day. when I find myself in that kind of condition, I’ll sure put my records on, playing my favorite song, and playing roller-skating.
yes, here I’m learning to play roller skating, with my chinese friends. firstly, I just felt curious. the next time, I find they become my big family here.
Playing roller-skating or riding a bike around town when you feel life is a little stuck, is really a good thing. well,, I guess there’s something special about wheels. You’ll feel something when you’re moving in it, the breeze, the motions, I really can feel that the earth is turning, reminds me that I’m getting older and my life is not that long, so I cannot waste it. It also reminds me that life is about turning up and down. I’ll live my life at the most and enjoy it, and I hope you’ll do too..

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