IPAcc UMY Welcomes a Visit from USIM

The International Program of Accounting (IPAcc) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) welcomed a visit from the University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) on Tuesday (22/8) at amphitheater of UMy. During the visit, both parties discussed a student exchange program proposed by USIM since this recent year.

In the visit, 27 students and 2 assistant lecturers of USIM attended a public lecture, focus group discussion, and monsoon (computer training).

One of the lecturers of USIM dr. Nurhidayah Laila stated that the visit was one of the programs of USIM to introduce culture of another country to its students. “Therefore, students update the development which occurs and learn something new, particularly issues of conventional and Islamic accounting in Indonesia. Besides, USIM parties also visited Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, U.S. and several industries in other countries,” she mentioned.

Nurhidayah told that her parties came to UMY since both universities study conventional and Islamic accounting and have been cooperating such as conducting a student exchange program. She also expected that the visit can enable several departments of both universities to have the exchange program.

Meanwhile, chief of the committee Zico Septian Amar said that all participants were enthusiastic about following the visit schedule. Zico also hoped that the visit may evolve the student exchange program that the students joining the program can gain a double degree. After the visit, IPAcc of UMY will also visit to USIM in 2018.

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