Humans May not Be Defeated by Robots

Technology has become an essential aspect for people in the fourth industrial revolution. To ease and carry out people’s duties, artificial intelligence exists. Confronting the circumstance, humans should think to always update the technology development so that they are not defeated by robots.

Chairman of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2018 Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, S.T., M.Sc.Eng., Ph.D., PE. mentioned several impacts of the fourth industrial revolution such as the existence of e-commerce, online applications, internet banking which denotes a product of the industrial revolution in internet thinking.

Based on the background, the Indonesia Robot Contest 2018 brings a theme of ‘Intelligently Think Mechanically Linked’.  The theme refers to how to link artificial intelligence and robotic mechanisms to arrange and manage something such as people’s duties. “The ‘Intelligently Think’ is derived from the artificial intelligence that the way of thinking is structured and then the pattern is examined to create a thought called artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the ‘Mechanically Linked’ refers to connect the artificial intelligence and machines because robots use machines. For instance, humanoid robots can behave as humans as they can sweep and create a car. The robots assist humans’ jobs to be more efficient,” explained Sri Atmaja.

Sri also advised that humans should think creatively to update the technology development and not to beat by robots. “The robots are under control of humans, but robots will vanquish humans if humans do not think creatively and do not develop their way of thinking. Ultimately, the theme is expected to encourage students to think creatively and raise public awareness that we now have to adapt to the sophisticated technology development,” he emphasized.

Additionally, the theme may bring positive impacts on students in the fourth industrial revolution. “After the KRI 2018, students can be more care about their environment and invite their community to foster themselves and sectors related to the fourth industrial revolution. The KRI may enable students to enhance their capability so that they possess additional competences in robotic technology and artificial intelligence,” declared Sri.

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