Hemodialysis of Mechanical Engineering Students of UMY Wins Autodesk ASEAN


Mechanical Engineering students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) won Autodesk ASEAN Design Competition 2015 twice. The students designed a movement aid, and won the competition in 2014. The Autodesk ASEAN Design Competition 2015 was conducted on August 2015 – January 2016 and the representatives of UMY were Adimas Hanief M. and Martin Andre Setyawan. They joined a manufacture category, and their working was called ‘Artificial Kidney’. Winning the competition brought them to Autodesk Panorama in Singapore on 21-25 March 2016.

Adimas informed that the Autodesk ASEAN Design Competition was for students in ASEAN. They submitted a proposal of the design and the best team was elected to join Autodesk Panorama. “We created a prototyping digital design entitled ‘Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Wearable Artificial Kidney’ or MY-WAK,” said Adimas in an interview at Public Relations Office of UMY on Monday (29/2). The winner was announced on 18 February 2016.

MY-WAK is a dialysis machine looking like a waist bag which can be brought everywhere. “There is a box with micro filter on the bag functioning as blood filter. It was a portable hemodialysis. Thus, people do not need to go to a hospital to do dialysis since the tool which we made can automatically filter and do dialysis,” Adimas stated. Even though MY-WAK is now only a design, it is expected the tool can be produced and public can utilize.

Furthermore, Martin Andre Setiawan told that his team has designed MY-WAK since March 2015 and was helped by two supervisors who are Mechanical Engineering lecturers, namely Tutik Sriyani, Ph.D. and Gunawan Setia Prihandanan. “The design making used Fushion software which is new software and is never taught at class. We learn the software by ourselves. The software will later be employed in the Autodesk Panorama so that we deepen our knowledge regarding the software,” Martin conveyed.

All teams winning regional competition will join the Autodesk Panorama. In the manufacture category, Martin told that all participants are required to present orally their design. “The participants will get a challenge to coin a design using the fushion software that the theme will be impromptu. The challenge should be accomplished in certain time and have to be presented,” Martin informed.

Martin and Adimas showed their excitement since they could represent UMY and could win the regional competition twice. The countries which always won Autodesk ASEAN Design Competition were Singapore and Rusia, but wining the regional competition twice made them more optimistic. Both of them are now preparing for the Autodesk Panorama in Singapore. “We are glad that we have this experience.  We hope that we could bring the name of UMY and Indonesia well, particularly in the Autodesk Panorama,” he ended.

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