Governmental Studies of UMY Conducts Government Village Fair in Kulon Progo

FOKKERMAPI (Communication and Cooperation Forum of Governmental Study Students of Indonesia) of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized a Governmental Village Fair on Saturday (9/9) in Hargomulyo, Kulon Progo. The fair aimed to implement Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (the Three Principles of Higher Education) and to discuss School of Entrepreneurship, Village Law Promotion, Networkand Partnership Building, and Workshop on a Developed Village.

A workshop speaker Rahmawati Husain S. S., MCP, Ph.D. conveyed that the opportunities and threats in village democracy should be well understood since a village possesses measurable and accessible scope by government. “The chances and challenges can be noticed through having a village forum attended by the village consultative body, village government, and village community elements. The forum aims to discussing strategic elements to manage village government such as village arrangement, village planning, village cooperation, investment plans coming into the village, establishment of village-owned enterprise BUMDes, addition and disposal of village assets,” she mentioned.

Rahmawati added that rights and obligations of the community should also be a concern to develop a village. “The community deserves to ask and gain information, oversees the village government, supervises village community development, obtains services, expresses suggestions and opinions, elects and is elected by headman, village apparatus, and community bodies. The community has duties of developing themselves and their environment, engages in village activities, creates safe, comfortable, and peace situation, and maintains values of deliberation, kinship, mutual cooperation,” explained Rahmawati.

Rahmawati contended that all community elements should synergize to foster an independent village. “There are several main factors to embody the independent village, namely job creation, poverty reduction, village program development involving all community elements, and commodity development focusing on village potentials. Areas of cultural and local wisdom-based village development are not confined administrative areas,” she asserted.

In addition, the government village fair was also visited by students from several universities such as University of Diponegoro, University of Jenderal Ahmad Yani University, University of Brawijaya, University of Panca Sakti, University of Singa Perbangsa and University of Palangkaraya. It was also enlivened by cultural performances such as jatilan, gejuk lesung and ambuk.

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