GEFSID of UMY Achieves the Best Academic Paper

Two students of Economics and Business Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in a Group of Economics Students for Future Indonesia Development (GEFSID) won the 16th Sharia Economics Days (SECOND 16) for academic paper category. The competition conducted by University of Indonesia (UI) comprised of two categories, namely academic paper and innovation paper, and was joined by 20 finalists from various Indonesia universities.

“Most of the participants were from reputable universities, namely UI (6 teams), UGM (3 teams), UNAIR (2 teams), UNPAD (1 team), UPI (3 teams), STEI Tazkia (2 teams), Unsoed (1 team), and UMY (2 teams). A team of UMY won the best innovation paper, while UMY gained the best academic paper,” told Sumandi in an online interview on Saturday (4/3).

Sumandi, who is an Economics student of batch 2013, informed that the theme of the SECOND 16 was ‘Excavating the Potency of Islamic Economics to Achieve SDGS’, and it was held on February 26 – March 1, 2017. Indeed, Sumandi participated in the competition with Faradilah Hasan, an Accounting student of batch 2015.

Meanwhile, the paper of the GEFSID of UMY was entitled ‘Peran Perbankan Syaria dalam Menurunkan Tingkat Kemiskinan di Indonesia’ (Roles of Sharia Banking in Alleviating Poverty Level in Indonesa). Sumandi emphasized the importance of stability of sharia banking in financing Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (UMKM) sectors. “In this research, I fostered early warning system to detect crises in sharia banking. Based on the research, it is concluded that, the stability of sharia banking as an intermediation agency can enhance economy of Indonesia and can decrease poverty level because it concerns with a real sector,” he explained.

Sumandi, well-known as Andi, also said that the competition joined by FEB across Indonesia aimed at raising students’ critical thinking of sharia economy. Besides, what the jury assessed was the ideas and the paper writing. “We could obtain this achievement due to the role of GEFSIF of FEB of UMY. I have learned research from this community so that I could join the national and international competitions,” he expressed.

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