Free Flight League Series 2 Is Officially Opened

Aero modelling competition of Free Flight League Session II was officially opened by Director of Vocation Program of Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Dr. Sukamta, M.T. and Head of Aerospace Sport Association (Pordiga) of Aero modeling FASI (Aero Sport Indonesia) of Kapten Tek. Wahyono, S.Sos. in an airport of Gading, Wonosari, Gunug Kdidul on Friday (17/3). The opening was also enlivened by skydiving performance by Paskhas Defense Detachment of the Indonesian Air Force of Adisucipto and trike flying by Jogja Aeromodelling Club.

Regent of Gunungkidul represented by Head of Education, Youth, and Sports, Sudodo, M.M. was glad that the competition could be organized in Gunungkidul. “We warmly welcome this competition since this is a great competition for Indonesian people who are interested in aero modelling,” expressed Sudodo.

Meanwhile, Director of Vocational Program of UMY Dr. Sukamata, M.T. appreciated all committee and all parties supporting the competition. “This competition is our first event since vocational program at UMY is new. We also collaborate with the FASI to hold this competition,” he declared.

Sukamata expected that the competition can be a mean of promoting aero sports so that many people are attracted to the sports. “We hope that aero sports can rapidly be fostered. This competition shows the existence of aero modelling clubs in Indonesia. May Indonesia gain a lot of achievements in aero modelling areas,” he wished.

Additionally, the Free Flight League Series 2 was conducted March 16-19, 2017 under the theme ‘UMY Glider Competition’. Joined by 206 participants from primary and secondary schools, universities, and public, the competition was entirely supported by Indonesia Aero Sport Federation (FASI) and the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU). There were three competition categories, namely out hand launched glider, F1H glider, and F1A glider.


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