FISMO of UMY a Social Service Club of UNNES Embolden People with Mental Disorders

Community service is one of the three principles of higher education (tri dharma perguruan tinggi). To embody it FISIPOL Society Empowerment (FISMO) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakartaa (UMY) and a Social Service club of Semarang State University (UNNES) conducted a social service at Efata Foundation (psychiatric rehab center) on Saturday (16/9) in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. It aimed to raise students’ awareness of social and humanitarian issues and to motivate psychiatric disorders.

The founder of the Efata Foundation Adi Salitonga told that the number of young people caring about humanitarian crises is only a few. Thus, this activity may enable students to contribute to community, especially to people with special needs such as mental disorders. “Established in 2001, this foundation was found due to my concern about psychiatric patients who often walked around in public places. Many people frequently discriminate the sufferers. Social structure is now less effective if the community do not possess awareness of helping one another. Since it was founded, this foundation has not had regular donors yet. Indeed, local government has not provided services to the sufferers because this foundation is still on the progress of getting permission from the government,” stated Adi.

He asserted that people with mental disorders experiences rape, violence, harassment, and discrimination. Noticing the fact, he invited students to agents of change to motivate the sufferers, to donate goods of what the foundation needs and to give services to the patients. “We attempt to provide our best service as they are our priority of doing the rehabilitation. The sufferers are our family so that we have to be all out to look after them starting from putting their clothes on, taking them bath, and teaching them to pray for their cure. I am sure that being concerned about people with mental disorders are from social sensitivity that the sufferers are treated inappropriately,” asserted Adi.

He believed that social sensitivity is the main aspect to live in a community and it should be instilled as early as possible so that children will not grow an individualist. “I wish that students could control themselves in any condition and religion become the fundamental aspect to cope with all problems. Hence, I am glad that these students come giving motivation in our foundation. If you see people with mental disorders at street, please let us know. We will try to provide them good rehabilitation,” maintained Adi.


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