Films Become a Medium to Convey a Message

Indonesian films cannot be underrated and they have been considered as an audiovisual communication medium to convey messages. This idea was declared by Chief of MM Kine Club of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Aldi Bayu Putra at the ‘Friday Cinema 4: Launching Film Pelataran’ on Friday (17/11) at the ground floor of A.R. Fachruddin B of UMY.

Aldi Bayu Putra, well-known as Ahoy, stated that films are a medium to tell myths, issues, and culture. However, many people often misunderstand messages of a film. “There are three states of filmmaking, namely pre-production, production, and post-production. Determining a message of a film is carried out in the pre-production even though there will be different interpretation when people watch the film. Therefore, as a filmmaker, we always attempt to deliver the real message of a film so that people will not misinterpret. One of the films about a myth is ‘Telur Berdarah’ telling a belief in Kalimantan that people may not bring eggs when going to a forest,” said Aldi.

Besides, he explained that the Friday Cinema is the last phase of Kine Klub member requirement. “Previously, prospective new members passed several stages aiming to train their discipline and to work hard,” informed Aldi.

He also expected that filmmakers, particularly members of MM Kine Klub, can be better. “I wish that we could always produce films, do not compartmentalize our work, and always become idealistic. I also hope that we are always resolute and this Friday Cinema can always be conducted better and annually,” wished Aldi, who is a Communication Science student.

Meanwhile, Head of Student and Alumni Development Office Sugianto, S.IP., M.Si. expressed, “Congratulations on your new film launching. I am waiting for your next stunning films.”

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