Faculty of Law of UMY Initiates the first ASIAN Conference on Comparative Laws (ASIAN-COL)

Faculty of Law of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) collaborating with Association of Indonesian Comparative Laws conducted the first ASIAN Conference on Comparative Laws (ASIAN-COL). The conference aimed to encourage theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary reflection on comparative laws.

On Wednesday (2/5) at Building of A.R. Fachruddion B of UMY, in his remark, chief of the conference Yordan Gunawan, S.H., MBA stated that, in comparative laws, it is essential to be cognizant of the concept of location/geography/place. “Thus, this conference is also addressed to explore why location maters and to ensure cognizance of the sensitivities of location in comparative laws. Indeed, it will discuss various topics of comparative laws,” he declared.

The conference, under the theme ‘Comparative Laws and Legal Culture in Asia’, was also supported by a number of overseas universities as National Cheng Kung University Taiwan, International Islamic University Malaysia, ASIA University Taiwan, and Istanbul Medeniyet University Turkey.

Moreover, Yordan informed that the conference was organized till Thursday (3/5) and 47 papers were presented on the second day of the conference. He believed that the conference is an effort to contribute to the scientific development. “It is also to enhance academic quality and reinforce our position as a center for sciences. In fact, policy of comparative laws gives contribution to community development,” he mentioned.

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