Dr. Zakir Naik: Be Virtuous Muslim Agents.

Islam shows more rapid development than other religions. The root of the word ‘Islam’ is salam meaning peace, but many people misunderstand Islam. They believe that Islam is a jihad religion and fundamentalism, but they cannot define a jihad religion and fundamentalism well. Noticing the fact that Islam is always cornered, Dr. Zakir Naik encourages all Muslims to clarify the ideas and to become agents of Islam and other religions.

“Many people dream of peace, but detesting peace is also a lot. Islam has been taught by Prophet Muhammad since 1400 years ago. Whoever disseminates peace and follows Islamic teaching well is the agent of Islam,” declared Dr. Zakir Naik in a public lecture on ‘Religion as an Agent of Mercy and Peace’ on Monday (3/4) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

Dr. Zakir Naik explained that Muslims in the United States of Amerika has been ostracized post 9/11 tragedy. Afterwards, Islam is known as a jihad religion and fundamentalism. The images have been spread by international media. “International media often associate Islam with fundamentalism, whereas they do not know what fundamentalism means. They define Islam fundamentalism as religion extremism. On Oxford dictionary, fundamentalism denotes to uphold religious teaching, particularly Islam. Based on this definition, I bear that I am a Muslim fundamentalist. You may become a Muslim fundamentalist, but do not get wrong of Islamic teaching,” emphasized Dr. Zakir Naik.

Besides, Dr. Zakir Naik maintained that jihad is not holy war as international media always talk about. “Theroot of the word jihad is jahadah meaning endeavoring to be a good agent of Islam. Jihad is performed by not only Muslims but also non-Muslims. As long as they spread peace, it is called jihad. Our responsibility as Muslims is to change the misconception of Islam,” he asserted.

In fact, Islam has been more rapidly developing after 9/11 tragedy. This circumstance leads other believers’ curiosity about Islam so that many people become mualaf (to be Muslims). Nevertheless, what becomes the concern of Dr. Zakir Naik is that many Muslims have not yet obeyed the commands mentioned on Al-Qur’an. “Al-Qur’an teaches us peace as mentioned on Al-An’aam verse 54. In educational institution, the word ‘Assalamualaikum’ can be replaced by ‘good mmorning’. We know that the greeting (salam) means peace, while the words ‘good morning’ do not contain benefits and blessings. We can commence to be a Muslim agent by saying salam,” contended Dr. Zakir Naik. Indeed, in the question and answer session of the public lecture, two participants proclaimed to be mualaf (to convert to Islam).

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