Department of Japanese Education of UMY Has a Field Trip

Department of Japanese Education (PBJ) of Univesitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), as the youngest Japanese department in Indonesia, always attempts to enhance the quality. To develop better than other departments and interweave relationship among students, lecturers, and staffs, PBJ of UMY conducts a comparative study each year. It aims at strengthen cooperation among Japanese Departments in Indonesia.

Mentioned on a press release received by the Public Relations and Protocol Office of UMY on Thursday (13/4), PBJ of UMY had a field trip to PBJ of Surabaya State University (UNESA) on March 28-31, 2017. PBJ of UNESA, indeed, has been established since 1981 and it is the eldest PBJ in Indonesia which certainly possess a lot of experiences. The visit may foster the knowledge of PBJ’s parties to evolve the department.

Head of PBJ of UMY Sonda Sanjaya, S.S., M.Pd. stated, “The visit pointed at interweaving good relationship with PBJ of UNESA and gaining knowledge. Through the comparative study, it is expected that both parties can escalate the collaboration and neglect competition. For one reason, the collaboration may contribute to the development of PBJ in Indonesia.”

Besides, Siska Mistika told that both parties did not only present the implemented curriculum at each department, bur also do information sharing. “The lecturers presented the department, while the students had discussion on campus life and student organization,” she said.

As the closing, students of both departments showed art performed. “Students of PBJ of UNESA performed Sakura Dance, Yosakoi Dance, and solo karaoke, whereas students of PBJ of UMY presented Japanese Modern Dance.  It was getting merrier when students of PBJ of UMY sang along with them,” asserted Siska.

She added that PBJ of UMY also had vacation to Jatim Park in Malang. “Students had refreshment before they got back to study. Indeed, through the field trip, the students obtained not only academic but also non-academic benefits such as enhancing their knowledge and broadening their network,” she maintained.

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